Visit England

It’s always an exciting adventure working with the team from Glasgows. I worked with them on the Visit England awards campaigns for a good number of years

We worked together on a range of print materials, from concept design for the event imagery through to the brochures, banners, invitations, certificates, menus…you name it, we did it!

Tight deadlines, late nights…loved it!

"We chose Adam for this project because his general approach was original and highly creative. We needed a new site which was different from previous Visit England sites something fresh and original and would attract the target audience. Our client, Visit England, was delighted with the approach and even more so when the site delivered more than three times the applications than the previous year. If anything, his designs for 2013 were even more creative. All this and Adam is very very nice to work with. Ron Glasgow, Chairman, Glasgows Event Management