I adore working with startups, I just love creating a voice for a company, there is something wonderful about seeing a company suddenly ‘exist’

It was a tight deadline but we got there!

The first challenge was that no product photography existed, and we all know it’s all about the imagery these days, few people are actually reading…well I suppose you are!

Armed with decades of photoshop experience we worked together to create a range of product images, we then moved on to a beautiful brochure design, and then finally a website crammed full of information

Visit the site

Really appreciate all the help, support & patients on this project and I can tell you know that you will be getting ALL my design work, brochures & my website stuffs from now on (or at least until the company is big enough to have its own marketing department – hahahaha), Also, friend of mine may well be in contact soon as he is starting up a new business and has been very impressed with what he as seen………..hope you don’t mind me passing on your contact details with high recommendation =)