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Based in Chorley, I design websites that look great, are affordable and stand out from the crowd.

There are now six hundred trillion million websites..well, nearly (maybe). Does your site stand out from your competitors? Why should a customer choose you? What will motivate your customers to pick up the phone and call you?...will they remember you when they wake up tomorrow?

I design websites that fix those problems. Original sites that sparkle and engage viewers... nothing from a template, nothing re-used... a website that is completely yours.

I've been working with my wonderful clients now for over 15 years, building hundreds and hundreds of wonderful websites. My clients love my low-jargon, low stress approach to web design. I'll take care of all the complicated bits and have your site built super quick and super affordably.

Have a look through my work, read my reviews and get in touch for some friendly advice and a FREE mockup.

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Questions Asked Rather Frequently

How long have you been doing this?

I've been designing websites since my Dad forced me to learn way back in 1997. My first site was for an estate agent where I was a photocopier boy (the site actualy won the estate agent awards!) Word of mouth then grew, and my career was born!

Why are you self employed?

I used to run a design agency, it was fun, it was also turned into a monster. I was spending most of my time just answering phones, filling in paperwork and not actually getting down to doing any work!

How much do you chrage?

This really depends on how epic you want you site, how customised you want any special features and how much content you have. On average prices range from about £600 to £1400 for biggies.

How long does it take?

I'm a very quick worker. Once we have decided on a direction I will crack on straight away. In most cases you'll be up and running in two weeks.

Do I own the site?

You do! It is completely yours. After development costs you don't have to pay me anything else unless you want something new doing!

Can we meet?

We certainly can! I am fully mobile and am the worlds work map reader. I can get anywhere you need me.

Can you help me with x....

Very likely. Whilst I dont advertise any other services I can help you out with photography, video, seo, social name it!

Original Websites

I don't use any templates. Your site is built just for you. It will be original and competely stand out from the crowd of sites that look exactly the same.

Responsive Websites

Your site will bend, stretch and adapt to all kind of devices, it will look great on desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles and all the exciting things inbetween.

Editable Websites

You will easily be able to edit your site completely by yourself. Add new pages, take pages away, modify menus, create galleries, add videos...whatever you need to!

Get in touch...

You may hate me, you may adore me. We may be on different pages or we may be on the perfect same page of the same book in the library...The only way we'll know is by starting the conversation.

Fire me down a quick enquiry or give me a bell, we'll have a chat or we can arrange a meeting, we'll have trendy coffee. I'll work on some FREE ideas for you and we'll see how things go!

Thank you so much for considering me for your project, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Call 07707 973 692