The Battle

This is a hearty handshake, a cuddle, a pat on the back and a drink at the bar on my...

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Soul warming

It’s a while since I last connected with my arty soul. I think most web designers went through the system...

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I adore the word serendipity. It was drummed into me by my life drawing teacher. Just make the most of...

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I have a logo rant, its quite long and poorly punctuated I’m quite out there on this one, I know...

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is seo dead?

I used to do a LOT of SEO Back in the day I was probably doing more SEO than anything....

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cafe vita

I blogged this a LONG time ago, but the story is so relevant that I’ve brought it back to life...

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model shoot

I don’t advertise it too much and keep it a semi secret, but I do quite a bit of photography...

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My Idol

I have a couple of idols, but at the moment my absolute master is Francis Mallman Not tremendously known over...

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Back blogging.

Hello there, are you well? I’m sure you are excellent, and even more than that I can tell you are...

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getting out

It’s so important to get out and get lost now and then We tend to stick to routines and don’t...

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